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Are the lectures interactive? How are questions addressed?

Most professors divide their lectures into two parts: formal lecture first, then question answering.  The formal lecture typically uses about 50-75% of the total lecture time, and the remaining time is spent answering as many student questions as possible.

Questions can be submitted on the “Questions for the Professor” forum prior to the lecture; these questions are typically answered first.  Alternatively, students can use the Webex chatbox to ask questions on the fly; these are usually answered after working through all questions posted to the forum.

Can I watch recordings if I miss the live lectures?

All live lectures are recorded and are posted on the course page for you to view or download at any time.

How long will I have access to my course?

Any course for which you are registered will remain accessible for a minimum of one full year after the course concludes, allowing continued access to lecture recordings, assigned readings, forums and supplemental materials.

However, any assignments or quizzes will only be available at the scheduled times during the live course.

Can I join a course after it has started?

Yes, you can register for any course that is currently “in session.” Each course listing has a “Register for course” button if registration is available.

Registering after a course begins gives you full access to all course materials, including lecture recordings, from the first class onward.  However, homework and quiz deadlines are fixed (with few exceptions), so expired assignments cannot be completed by students who register late.

Once a course is completed, registration is no longer possible — the course listing’s status will be updated to “closed.”

What about “closed” courses? Can I access their lecture recordings and study materials?

At this time, courses that have completed are “closed,” and prospective students cannot purchase access to the course materials.

However, independent study offerings are under development. Soon, students will be able to register for select courses that were offered in the past. More details on this option will be announced on the Mises Academy blog when the time comes.

Are Mises Academy courses suitable for younger students?

Some Mises Academy courses are designed for high-school students, such as “Principles of Economics.”  Most, however, are designed for adult learners.  To gauge their suitability for a younger student, a good first step would be to review the recommended reading for the course.  If you remain unsure, contact the Mises Academy staff (using the form at the bottom of this page), or contact the course professor directly.

Do I need to take Mises Academy courses in a particular order?

Most Mises Academy courses are designed for a general, adult audience, and thus do not have any prerequisites.

Some courses, however, form a series—such as the three-course series on Man, Economy, and State. In such cases it is recommended, but not required, to take them in order.

Does the Mises Academy offer degrees/certifications/credits?

Presently the Mises Academy does not offer transferrable degrees or credits. Upon completing a course, however, students will receive a digital, printer-friendly certificate of completion or certificate of participation.

Are there exams? How do they work?

Courses usually have multiple-choice quizzes. There may be brief weekly quizzes (~10 questions), or longer/less frequent quizzes.  Multiple-choice responses are automatically graded.  You will be able to see your score immediately after submitting, but you will not be able to review the correct answers until the quiz is closed (usually after a week or so).  Longer quizzes may have a 2-hour time limit.  You can save your progress, and return without submitting.  But doing so does not “stop the clock” for timed quizzes.  Some courses have mid-term and final exams which are a mix of multiple-choice questions and short-answer questions.  The short-answer questions are manually graded by the professor some time after they are submitted.  For smaller courses, sometimes essay exams are possible.

If I drop a class, can I get a refund?

If you submit a request to drop a course during its first week (7 calendar days), you will receive a refund less a $25 processing fee. If you request to drop a course during its second week, you will receive a half refund. No refunds will be granted following the second week.

To drop a course, send an email to with your full name and the name of the course from which you wish to withdraw.

Can courses be audited or attended on a “pass/not pass” basis?

Course cannot be audited for free, but they can be attended on a “pass/not pass” basis.

What kinds of payment does the Mises Academy accept?

The Mises Academy accepts PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club.

What educational software does Mises Academy use?

The Mises Academy uses Moodle, the same software platform used by U.K. Open University and many other famous institutions. It features a friendly user interface, custom reporting, grades, transcripts, forums, readings, quizzes, and study questions: everything a class needs to not only replicate the physical classroom but to go the extra mile to even create advantages for all levels of education.

The live lectures and question and answer sessions are delivered via the Webex platform.

What does my computer need to attend a course?

System Requirements

Video Lecture Sessions (Software: “Webex”): See here for Webex System Requirements.

Operating System:

  • Windows 98 or higher
  • Mac OS 10.1 or higher
  • Linux


  • DSL broadband internet or better (1.5Mb/s)


  • Firefox 2.0 or higher is recommended for both Mac and PC.
    Free download:
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer can potentially cause errors.
  • Opera and Safari will not show built-in html editor in Moodle.

Course Readings, Discussions and Assignments (Software: “Moodle”):

No download of  the “Moodle” software required, as everything is done in the web browser itself.

Can I participate in courses on a mobile device?

Unfortunately, participation in live lectures on a mobile device is not possible, because the Academy’s live lecture software provider (WebEx) does not offer mobile apps for “events” with as many participants as Mises Academy lectures.

However, all other course elements are accessible to users of internet-enabled mobile devices. Students with these devices can view and download lecture recordings and other course materials, participate in the discussion forums, and complete quizzes without hindrance.

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