World War One: Crucible of the Age of Statism

WWI_2012d_IS — with Hunt Tooley

Cost: $49   Length: 8 Lectures
Format: Independent Study
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The death knell of the age of liberalism could be heard in the cannonades of the First World War, a war which inaugurated the age of planning and the apotheosis of the total state.  Understanding the path to this horrible turning point and its impacts is crucial in understanding the course of modern civilization.  In this course, historian Hunt Tooley, the author ofThe Western Front:  Battleground and Home Front in the First World War, will detail the causes and course of The Great War from an anti-state, revisionist perspective.  The course will take a holistic approach, connecting the economics of war to the poets of war to the battle fronts to the home fronts; the shell factories to the trenches to the “Spanish Flu.”

1.  Intro–Some Causes of the Great War
2.  The Battle of the Frontiers–Crossing Frontiers at the Front and at Home
3.  From Stalemate to…. Stalemate:  1914 to 1916:  The “Storm of Steel”
4.  An Imperial War:  Empires and Their Enemies
5.  American Entry and the Two Russian Revolutions, 1917
6.  War Finance, War Control, the Health of the State
7.  “Titanic Wars”:  1917 and 1918
8.  Conclusions:  the “Peace,” the Costs, the Future


All readings for the course will be free and available online.

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Hunt Tooley

Hunt Tooley is Professor of History at Austin College in Sherman, TX, and an Adjunct Faculty Member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He specializes in the history of war, revolution, and “peace” in the twentieth century. He is the author of National Identity in Weimar Germany and The Western Front: Battleground and Homefront in the First World War, and editor and contributor to Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe. He has published articles and reviews in The American Historical Review, The English Historical Review, Central European History, The Journal of Libertarian Studies, the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, The Independent Review, and other scholarly journals.

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