Virtual Mises University

VMU2013 — with Mises Institute

Dates: July 21, 2013 - July 27, 2013
Status: Closed

About Virtual Mises University

Over the course of 28 years, Mises Institute scholars have crafted and perfected a world-class, week-long intensive program in Austrian Economics: Mises University. This program has changed the lives of thousands of undergraduate students who have attended in person. And now, it can change your life too–even if you cannot make it to Auburn.

This year, all lectures–except for Judge Napalitano’s sessions–will be streamed live on YouTube. You can access the YouTube live stream here. Lectures streamed live will also be recorded and posted for later viewing. Enrollment is not required to watch and listen on YouTube.

But some students desire greater immersion in the ideas than the ability to just watch lectures. If this is you, enroll as a Virtual Mises University (VMU) student. As an enrolled student, you can review and download lecture slides, utilize a fully hyper-linked list of all required readings (just like the on-site attendees), participate in dedicated social and academic forums for passionate discussion and invaluable networking opportunities, and receive certification of your participation.

Thanks to our generous donors, we can offer all of the benefits of VMU enrollment for only $25!


You can find a schedule of events here (subject to change).

Certificate of Participation

Participants may desire written acknowledgement verifying their participation in this unique, intellectually demanding program. To accommodate this, VMU offers a Certificate of Participation to enrolled students who qualify.

Students who post at least 10 substantive questions or comments to the Academic Forum, an online discussion area monitored by Institute staff, will qualify to receive a certificate. Access to the Academic Forum is available only to students who enroll; those who follow the lectures on YouTube, but do not enroll, will not have access to the Forum nor the Certificate of Participation.

A sample certificate is depicted below:

Click the Enlarge

Click the Enlarge


Director, Mises University: Joseph Salerno

Other faculty include:

Walter Block
Thomas DiLorenzo
Lucas Engelhardt
Roger Garrison
David Gordon
Jeffrey Herbener
Robert Higgs
Peter Klein
Roderick Long
Robert Murphy
Timothy Terrell
Mark Thornton 
Thomas Woods

Refund Policy

All registrations are final–no refunds available.