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The Economics of Private Legal and Defense Services

PP900 — with Robert P. Murphy

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Status: Closed

This online course taught by economist Robert P. Murphy explores what is for many libertarians, the ultimate logical extension of libertarianism: the private provision of security.

The course will explore the following weekly topics:

Week 1: The Private Production of Law and Judicial Rulings

Week 2: Private Law Enforcement and Military Defense

Week 3: Common Objections

Week 4: Historical Applications

The course will include:

  • weekly live video-broadcast lectures
  • a hyperlinked syllabus of readings (no material purchases required)
  • live chats
  • discussion forums
  • weekly quizzes and a final exam (for those who want to take the course for a grade)

Live Sessions

The live video lecture will be on Tuesday nights. (All video events will be recorded in case you have a scheduling conflict.) On a typical night Dr. Murphy will provide a prepared lecture from 7pm EDT until 8:10. Then there will be a ten minute break, followed by a Q&A video session until 9pm. (Click on the screen shot below to see what the video lecture will look like on your computer.)

In addition to the main lecture on Tuesday, on Saturday Dr. Murphy will hold “office hours” from 3pm – 5pm EDT. This is an optional block of time where Dr. Murphy will be on call to provide live video answers to the questions posed by students who want to tune in.

Live Session Screenshot

Click to magnify. Watch the Professor lecture live, ask him questions in the chat, and chat with other students!

Final Grade and Transcript

The final grade will depend on participation (in both lecture and discussion sessions), essays, quizzes, and the final exam. Students will have access to a digital transcript. We will add this and any future grades for future Mises Academy courses taken to this transcript.

At this time the Mises Academy does not offer transferable credits, certifications, or degrees.

Refund Policy

If you drop the course during its first week (7 calendar days), you will receive a full refund, minus a $25 processing fee.
If you drop the course during its second week, you will receive a half refund.
No refunds will be granted following the second week.

Course Screenshot

Course Screenshot

Click and then magnify to see course syllabus and resources.

Robert Murphy is also teaching Principles of Economics this fall.