Human Action: Austrian Economics & Philosophy

IS_Econ_HA1 — with David Gordon

Cost: $49   Length: 8 Lectures
Format: Independent Study
Status: Open for enrollment
Program: Human Action

About the Course

It is perhaps the most important and profound book ever written. Yet how many, in their attempts to read it, have been stopped in their tracks by Part I? In those 7 chapters, Mises lays out the philosophical underpinnings of economics and social philosophy. So they are crucial for understanding the rest of the treatise. However, for the reader not versed in philosophy, the technical terminology and references can be daunting.

In this course, David Gordon explains everything you need to know to make sense of the concepts presented in these chapters. He defines the terms, provides background for the references, and elucidates exactly what it is that Mises is saying in these passages.

If this classic has been sitting on your shelf or in your Kindle just waiting for you to tackle it, then there is no better way to start than with this course.

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All readings will be free and online.  A fully hyper-linked syllabus with readings for each weekly topic will be available for all students.

The chapters of Human Action covered are as follows:

Introduction [read in .pdf]


Chapter I. Acting Man [read in .pdf] [See the Study Guide, Chap I]

Chapter II. The Epistemological Problems of the Sciences of Human Action [read in .pdf] [See the Study Guide, Chap II]

Chapter III. Economics and the Revolt Against Reason [read in .pdf] [See the Study Guide, Chap III]

Chapter IV. A First Analysis of the Category of Action [read in .pdf] [See the Study Guide, Chap IV]

Chapter V. Time [read in .pdf] [See the Study Guide, Chap V]

Chapter VI. Uncertainty [read in .pdf] [See the Study Guide, Chap VI]

Chapter VII. Action Within the World [read in .pdf] [See the Study Guide, Chap VII]

Independent Study

Independent study courses are courses that were presented live in the past. These courses are now offered at a discount to anyone who wants to study independently. All courses include lecture recordings, slides, a complete hyper-linked syllabus, automatically-graded quizzes, and a discussion forum. Professors are not available for academic support for these independent study courses.

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