The Fiat Money Crisis: The Market, the Central Banks, and the Coming Monetary Breakdown

W4 — with Detlev Schlichter

Dates: September 30, 2011 - October 2, 2011
Status: Closed

Austrian economist and writer, Detlev S. Schlichter, will explain the present financial crisis as the inevitable consequence of a global system of unrestricted paper money production and the decades-long subsidization of credit creation through fractional-reserve banking. The extent of the accumulated imbalances is now of such a magnitude that only very few endgames are logically conceivable. Detlev will reveal the fallacies of the mainstream and show that present policies are not merely ineffective but counterproductive. He will provide an outlook on policy, market responses and economic developments. The endgame for our monetary system could be fast approaching.

This webinar will be held Friday, September 30 starting at 6pm Eastern time. It will consist of a 45 minute presentation, followed by 45 minutes of question-and-answer.

The conference will be online, and use Webex, the industry-standard web conferencing service. Exact instructions for attending the session will be available at the web conference’s main page, which will be accessible upon registration. The session will be recorded and made available for attendees to download.


Detlev Schlichter

Detlev S. Schlichter is a writer and Austrian School economist. He had a 19-year career in financial markets. From 1990 to 1998, Detlev worked at J.P. Morgan & Co. as a derivatives trader and portfolio manager in Frankfurt and London. In 1998, Detlev joined Mercury Asset Management in London as a director and portfolio manager for European bond portfolios. Mercury was later acquired by Merrill Lynch, and became Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. From 2001 to 2009, Detlev was head of the London-based investment team and lead portfolio manager for all global portfolios at U.S. bond firm Western Asset Management. He resigned in 2009 to focus exclusively on his first book, Paper Money Collapse – The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown, which will be published by John Wiley & Sons in September 2011.

Detlev holds a degree in economics and business administration (Diplom-Ökonom) from Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. He is a senior fellow at the Cobden Centre, London, a free-market think tank devoted to issues of money and banking. Detlev lives with his wife and three children in Hampstead, London.

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