How to End Unemployment in One Day

W5 — with Walter Block

Cost: $10   Length: 1 Session
Format: Independent Study
Status: Open for enrollment

See Walter Block’s Mises Daily Article on this webinar and its topic.

Austrian economist and libertarian philosopher Walter E. Block will address the topic: “How to End Unemployment in One Day.” Well, actually, this is somewhat of an exaggeration, since it would be VERY difficult, but not impossible, to explain how that can be done. Watch him bust his gut trying to do just that. However, most of his lecture will consist of an analysis of why we have unemployment in the first place; in this regard he will discuss the Austrian Business Cycle theory, and other causes of unemployment such as minimum wage laws, union legislation, the Community Reinvestment Act, Obamacare, The Fed, fractional reserve banking and Ayn Rand’s theory that the movers and shakers of the economy are now “on strike.”


Walter Block

Walter Block earned his PhD in Economics at Columbia University. He is an author, editor, and co-editor of many books which include Defending the UndefendableLexicon of Economic ThoughtEconomic Freedom of the World 1975-1995Rent Control: Myths and RealitiesDiscrimination, Affirmative Action, and Equal OpportunityTheology, Third Word Development and Economic JusticeMan, Economy, and Liberty: Essays in Honor of Murray N. RothbardReligion, Econonomics, and Social Thought; and Economic Freedom: Toward a Theory of Measurement.

Dr. Block has written more than 500 articles for various non-refereed journals, magazines and newspapers, and is a contributor to such journals asThe Review of Austrian EconomicsJournal of Libertarian StudiesThe Journal of Labor EconomicsCultural Dynamics, and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. He is currently a professor and chair of economics, college of business administration, at Loyola University.

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