The Splendid Intellectual Humor of David Gordon

by Dan Sanchez on August 16, 2010

Anyone who takes David Gordon’s online course, Freedom Versus Authority: Europe 1789-1945, is in for a treat, as you can tell from this talk he gave in Newport Beach last November. I recently took a trip to Best Buy with Dr. Gordon to help him pick out a webcam for the course, and he regaled me with scholarly jokes the whole time. I was laughing the whole time; it was quite an experience! When recalling a quip said by F.A. Hayek during a course that he took with him at UCLA, Dr. Gordon busted out an amazing Hayek impersonation: a perfect blend of Vienna Austrian and London English!

Also, it is well known in Austrian circles what a great mind, Dr. Gordon has. He’s read everything: history, economics, philosophy… And he remembers everything too; he can deliver a full lecture series with no notes… all from memory. And after Murray Rothbard first met him, he (Rothbard) told another friend something to the effect that he had just met a universal genius. After that, they were lifelong friends.

Won’t you take advantage of this splendid opportunity to take an online 9-week course with David Gordon this fall on the history of Europe from the French Revolution through World War II?

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